JourneyCircles™ is an expressive art process using simple techniques of collage to facilitate transformational healing. Artmaking is a catalyst for discovering the language of the soul. Within the creative process we tap into our own deep wisdom and intuition.

Intuitive creativity uses many forms of art expression, such as collage, paint, pencils, markers, inks and words.

Through the JourneyCircles™ process we explore the power of visual storytelling, finding story threads that have been woven throughout our life. Patterns emerge and we find a deeper understanding of ourselves and our stories.

Combined with individual coaching this is a powerful process for healing. Engaging images, symbols and words we explore our own complex stories through the different types of JourneyCircles™ cards. The circle is a powerful symbol of wholeness used throughout the ages and in all cultures.

JourneyCircles™ Facilitation is a simple process than can be used by anyone. No art experience is necessary – only a willingness to explore yourself through the medium of an expressive arts practice.

JourneyCircles™ coaching happens via Zoom from wherever you live in the world, or in person if you live in Tasmania near Cygnet. Together we will explore your stories in order to facilitate healing. If you’re in transition, or suffering grief or loss, JourneyCircles™ will be immensely helpful to process complex emotions and life circumstances and events.

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