Flow and Ease

Flow and Ease

I’ve just finished facilitating my first Art of Allowing workshop. It was a beautiful experience, full of ease and grace.

My student hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since high school. She’d never painted a face.

She was really excited to begin, and it wasn’t long before her Inner Critic came to the party – making her afraid she was going to “mess up” her painting.

I encouraged her to be brave, to be bold and to take risks. “It’s only paint after all” I said. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.

But of course it’s much more than just paint. Because what shows up when you start to paint intuitively from your imagination and for the pure joy of the creative process,  is that you immediately confront your own inner world, your beliefs about yourself, what you’re capable of and your early conditioning.

The canvas is like a mirror: a portal into the hidden recesses of your psyche and soul. Your dreams and longings live there too.







My student got bolder and more confident by Day 2 of the workshop. She was not as afraid of the canvas as the day before. She was amazed that she had painted a face and in awe of her own creative spirit. She had connected with her own Divine Feminine essence and discovered the joy of creativity. Even though at first she saw painting as an indulgence, on reflection and through the creative process, she came to see that it offered her more than that. It was a way to explore herself and her connection with the world, both her inner world and the outer world.

Butterflies are symbols of transformation, death and rebirth. The painting process mirrors back to us our own potential to transform what is no longer serving us, as well as sending us messages and symbols from the deeper recesses of our soul.

For me, painting is where I go to connect more deeply with myself and the mystery of the creative process itself. I’m so grateful to have this practice in my life, and to be able to share it with other women –  to awaken their own creative spark so they can see the beauty of their own souls.