About Me



I’m captivated by beauty, color and excellence in the world.  I want to express that beauty through painting and mosaic. Unlike mosaics, I don’t plan my paintings, but use the canvas as a portal to other realms: spiritual, emotional, familial, story and symbol.

The mystery of not knowing what will appear on the canvas is what makes painting exciting. I’m self taught and for the past 7 years I’ve been fascinated and awed by the healing power of art, in my own life and in the lives of others. It’s the creative process itself that calls to me.

Finding your creative source is an exciting adventure that calls for no prior experience – simply a brave heart, an open mind and the courage to take those first tentative steps towards yourself, your dreams and your goals.

I’ve longed to be an artist for most of my life, but it took me many years to feel confident with the naming and the “beingness” of artist. I was inspired by Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” in my late 40’s, to come out of the shadows and into the light of truly being an Artist. I create mostly intuitively, listening to what the feminine presence of the canvas requires, honoring her form and her way.

I’m passionate about the healing power of art. Teaching gives me immense joy. To see the rapturous face of a woman standing in front of  her first ever painting exclaiming “ I can’t believe I just painted that” is a pleasure beyond words.

I work to be a catalyst and a wayfinder for women in transition, suffering deep grief and loss. I help gypsy hearted women to experience the joy and power of the creative process in a safe and sacred environment, listening deeply to their soul’s calling.

I live in Southern Tasmania in  a small creative community surrounded by wildlife and nature. I share my beautiful house and garden with Gypsy, my little dog, as well as an assortment of boarders from all over the globe.

Together we are all gypsies at heart, loving to travel and experience new cultures, new natural environments, new art and people. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Massage and Herbal Medicine. Healing has always been a large focus in my life and work. It continues in the beautiful, colorful realms of art and self expression.