A Holiday in Tassie

A Holiday in Tassie

I picked up Rosemary from Hobart airport in the late afternoon last October. We were both excited to be spending our first week together in southern Tasmania.








I have known Rosemary for years – she’s my massage therapist turned good friend. It was Rosemary who suggested Cygnet would be the perfect place for me to live: a small, rural, artist’s community 49km south of the city of Hobart.

It was in Cygnet I found my dream home: a brand new, Federation style house perched on a rise above the town, with views from my back deck of the tiny town, along with a herd of handsome, grazing, black cows. On the eastern side of the house are fields of hay with forest and mountains in the background.

And it’s perfectly peaceful.

Not only was my house brand new, but the garden was a blank slate which appealed enormously to my creative spirit. I could plant whatever I wanted:  so I modeled my garden on the stunning gardens of Ashland, Oregon, where I was lucky enough to spend 3 months the year before, getting to know my gorgeous grandson, spending precious time with my son and his family.

The gardens over there were full of lavender, ornamental cherry and plum trees, dogwood,  irises, maples and roses. I planted everything but the irises and dogwood. They will be this winter’s plantings.

Rosemary and I went to Salamanca markets in Hobart, went for walks, had saunas and cooked amazing food. Well, actually, it was Rosemary, of Italian heritage,  who did all the cooking and filled a freezer full of amazing food for me to enjoy after she had left.

My gift to her was to guide her through an intuitive painting workshop to find her Divine Feminine essence. Rosemary was eager to start an art practice but up to now had been too busy with her massage practice to give herself the time to be creative. So we set about to do just that.

We worked together with me as Facilitator. Rosemary didn’t get to finish her painting while she was with me, but various animal symbols showed up to guide her journey. She was excited to take her painting home and finish it there.

I was thrilled to have facilitated another woman’s deep dive into her own unique creative process.

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