Welcome to the Inner Wellspring, please join me in experiencing a synergy of creative expression and personal growth. I help women navigate transition, shift the energy of caregiving roles and develop a rich creative life. 

  • Have you experienced a loss of your sense of self?

  • Have you felt an absence of joy for a long period of time?

When you’re in a transition in your life it can be stressful, confusing and overwhelming

 Not knowing where to turn or whom to trust can feel like an endless cycle. Finding your own inner wellspring can become a deep source of renewal.

  • Have you cared for other people for years, even decades?

  • Have your roles and responsibilities made you lose track of your true self?

When you have lost a meaningful connection with what makes you truly, deeply happy, it can take a long time to recapture it on your own.

My work as a coach helps women to reconnect with the creative expression and design a process for personal growth that is needed to understand your life, renew your choices and enjoy life fully.

If the status quo is pulling you backwards, there is no option anymore but to find your source of joy and navigate your transition with a creative and dynamic coaching experience.

Find clarity and focus, chart your own course for renewal, healing and happiness.




It is never too late to be what you might have been.
— George Eliot

I create custom coaching packages for women to find a new ability to:

  • Connect with your inner wisdom.

  • Discover your own passion and joy.

  • Align with your true purpose.

  • Find new avenues of creative expression.

  • Harness your inner strengths to resolve conflicts.

  • Use your own unique voice to connect with others in a more meaningful way.

  • Freely and confidently express yourself in a safe and nurturing environment.


Having your very own Creative Coaching experience is a little like travelling to a foreign country where you have never been before: it's exciting and perhaps even a little bit daunting.

    It is always immensely rewarding to experience coaching. Be willing to travel into your life and explore what is waiting for you. When we work together it will open you to life changing possibilities, including:

    • To finally be able to eliminate the negative voice inside your head

    • To be aligned with your authentic self and all the real emotions that go along with it

    • To make thrilling new discoveries about what really lights you up

    • To know beyond the shadow of a doubt your real place and purpose in the world

    • To say goodbye to the self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck

    Coaching is a beautiful way to connect and be renewed in your purpose and direction.

      Dive deep into your own inner wisdom and access your creative spirit. Receive insights about your life, health, beliefs, courage and passion. Go on a journey to the inner depths of your own soul, to the magnificence and wonder of your own body and unique life experience.


      You will be supported throughout in a safe and loving way

      with my coaching style that incorporates:

      • Transition Life Coaching

      • Law of Attraction Life Coaching

      • Body Mapping and Soul Art® Journey

      • Sacred Money Archetype® Coaching

      • Navigating Transition Through Art Making


      Explore the powers of coaching so you can clear old patterns and roles. Attract what you deeply desire into your life, while at the same time shifting your emotions and energy field, which will enable you to bring about dramatic long term shifts.

      Incorporate many forms of transformative art and creativity to expresses how you feel, including SoulCollage® which can be incredibly uplifting and inspiring.

      Bring your creative flow to the surface, using it in a constructive way to eliminate limiting beliefs and map out a new, more exciting direction.


      My clients share about their coaching experiences:

      "Iris has helped me uncover some of my blocks in finding my soul mate. Throughout all my coaching calls Iris has always been very supportive, positive and a highly professional coach. Iris has given me some great personalized strategies, and I’ve have had a few breakthroughs and feel very optimistic." Kim, Australia

      " I have always felt encouraged by Iris’ effervescence and I appreciate being supported.  Each week when we spoke I had her undivided attention. I felt my own sense of being “valued” as an individual. Iris was there balancing “listening to me”, by also asking questions and then helping me sort through my answers. I experienced a personal transference of this uplifting sensation, in my daily existence, week by week, subtle details turning into obvious shifts. "Patti O., Australia.

      "Iris is a down to earth, straight forward life coach, who will help you reach your goal quickly and is able to strongly hold your vision. Life changing results will come your way like she helped me reach my dreams and with what I thought was impossible!" Pieter J.D., Spain

      "Iris has boundless enthusiasm and is an incredibly talented artist. I love the way that she identified her passions and has linked her art and her coaching together in such a powerful way that I know that she will help others to make profound transformations in a fun and creative way" Ann P., United Kingdom.

      My experience with Iris was many things, including relaxing, interesting, exciting, creative and enlightening. In an incredibly beautiful and peaceful setting, I was guided through Soul Art® to find directions that suit me.  With a plan of action to follow, I am now on my creative journey. Lisa B., Australia

      The opportunity of taking part in a Soul Art® Journey was wonderful.  My intention was to be deserving of nurturing & love.  I very rarely take time out just for me, it made me realize how important it is to take time out for myself.

      The process of setting the intention I found quite confronting and incredible what my inner self can reveal when opening to creative process. I am now empowered; refreshed, regenerated and feeling positive, ready to start nurturing & loving myself. Ready to grow. Rosemary M., Australia